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About us

Who we are and the work we do in the community


Our objectives at Burrun Dalai are:

• To keep Aboriginal children and young people safe
• To protect children and young people from abuse and exploitation by offering a place of safety in times when it is needed
• To provide out of home care as a last resort and only when such care is in the best interest of the child or young person
• To support the foster family to provide the best possible care to best meet the unique needs of the child or young person
• To meet the child or young person's physical, social, emotional, educational, and cultural needs whilst within a Burrun Dalai program
• To assist in keeping children and young people in their families and communities
• To limit foster care to the shortest time where possible so as not to jeopardise family relationships

Burrun Dalai is accredited under the Out of Home Care Standards.

Our Team


The team at Burrun Dalai have the same vision, we believe Aboriginal children and young people, should stay in their community with their family, where safe, and when they can't live with family, should be able to live with caring and nurturing Aboriginal families that have the links and connections to their community thereby enabling these kids the ability to maintain their identity and connections.

94% of our staff (100% of front line) are of Aboriginal descent and come to us from the Dunghutti, Gumbangiir, Budgjalung, Biripi, Worrimi, and Kabi Kabi nations.

Staff have had years of experience working in areas of:

  • Early Childhood Education

  • Link Up

  • Family Workers

  • Aged Care

  • Adult and Child Sexual Assault

  • Mental Health

  • Child Protection

Board members

Burrun Dalai’s board members are nominated, elected members of the Dunghutti and Gumbayngiir Aboriginal communities. Many of our board members have previous experience as foster carers themselves. It is important that our organisation is guided by community members who can identify the unique issues that relate to their communities.

As a Government not for profit organisation, Burrun Dalai provide all types of foster carer from short, medium, long term, respite and crisis care as well as some voluntary care. We are funded to provide foster/out of home care placements for 50 Aboriginal children & young people from the Nambucca, Macleay, Manning, Armidale & Tamworth regions.

We provide ongoing training and support for our foster careers and families as well as continuing to recruit, train and authorise new eligible Aboriginal foster carer and families.

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