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Providing foster care to Aboriginal children and young people.

Supporting the families of those Aboriginal children and young people of the Macleay, Nambuccca, Manning, Armidale & Tamworth Regions.

Out of Home Care & Family Support Service

Burrun Dalai is a government funded not for profit Aboriginal community controlled organisation providing support to Aboriginal children and young people, their birth families and foster families.

Burrun Dalai's vision is to maintain Aboriginal family values.

Ensuring this objective has traditionally involved the extended family members and community members in the care and development of children.

This is why it’s important that our carer's or one carer in a family is of Aboriginal descent.



Our Objectives

• To keep Aboriginal children and young people safe

• To protect children and young people from abuse and exploitation by offering a place of safety in times when it is needed

• To provide out of home care as a last resort and only when such care is in the best interest of the child or young person

• To support the foster family to provide the best possible care to best meet the unique needs of the child or young person

• To meet the child or young person's physical, social, emotional, educational, and cultural needs whilst within a Burrun Dalai program

• To assist in keeping children and young people in their families and communities

• To limit foster care to the shortest time where possible so as not to jeopardise family relationships


The Futures Planning and Support service is led by Burrun Dalai Aboriginal Corporation in partnership with Uniting. The service aims to support ALL young people aged between 17 -25 years transitioning from Out Of Home Care (OOHC) and/or those who have left statutory care.

Visit the Futures Planning and Support site for more info.


Financial Statement FY22

Burrun Dalai is seen as the leader is Aboriginal Out of Home Care who demonstrate excellence in ensuring Aboriginal Children are placed with Aboriginal Carers, supported by Aboriginal Workers in an Aboriginal Agency. The Illawarra Aboriginal Corporation – Myimbarr values the support and insight Burrun Dalai staff provide.

Tina McGhee, Manager. Myimbarr Aboriginal Child, Youth & Family Services, Illawarra Aboriginal Corporation

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